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About Tasty Rewards

How Tasty Rewards works

Each time you eat and drink at a Table Table pub restaurant, you can use your Tasty Rewards card to collect points (just get it swiped when you pay your bill). Every £1 you spend gets you 5 points on your card.

Once you have collected 500 points, you can redeem them for vouchers which you can spend in 3 easy ways.

Go to Swap your points to print your voucher or have it emailed to you.  Or you can use your smartphone to show your voucher on-screen when you ask for your bill – just log into your Tasty Rewards account using your mobile and follow the instructions.

You'll also receive extra member-only offers, plus a FREE meal on your birthday and offers for family birthdays and special occasions.

Your local Table Table pub restaurant is the place to go for great food, relaxing surroundings and friendly service.

And because we know our customers love to come back for more, we wanted to invite you to become part of something special – a rewards programme that shows our appreciation for you, and your loyalty: Tasty Rewards.

In fact, it's one of the most generous reward schemes available. To save you the maths, you get 5% back on what you spend when you convert your points to money-off vouchers. And your points are worth even more when you swap them for two free Gourmet Burgers, two free kids' meals or two free sundaes. You can even collect points on your drinks bill, too! Check out our terms and conditions for full details.

Tasty Rewards is our way of saying "Thank you" by offering you delicious deals, great savings and rewards you'll love.

Rewards you'll love

  • £5 off your bill (500 points)
  • 2 FREE Gourmet Burgers (500 points)
  • 2 FREE Kids' meals (500 points)
  • 2 FREE Sundaes (500 points)
  • FREE main meal on your birthday
  • Delicious deals for Tasty Rewards members
  • Exclusive offers for friends and family celebrations